Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Beating Heart of Here

This is a story
In no hurry
See like allegory
World making meaning
Keep believing
In the feelings as they scurry
To the bee bop skit scattering
Life all around
Running rain drops through
Of light

Still frames' bright
Smiles, not in a whiles
Layaway, for the dreary days
Time how it flies
Sights, these snippets
Delight, in every tidbit
Soft, in every sense of singing
Each and every
Happy, sad
Somber, glad song
As each and every one comes along
As each and every one does belong
As all are allowed to flow
Without defining the knowing inside
Of something deeper within resting
Still, that cannot be described
Where truth cannot hide, forever
Within the peaks and valleys of different frequencies
Embedded in the core, always something more
Bringing back stranded versions to shore
Without fail,
Right way breath set sail for the next
Inhale, there are things we do control
The evolution of our souls
Exhale, the world is a tossup
That never lets up
Don't let the teardrops, sneer stopping jeers, reappearing fears
Here, hold you hostage
Clap to the energy
Allow for synergy
Open the cage up
Each and every one
Feel Her light rays
Of energy
Lift you up in levity
So that you are free, do not become what you see
For yours is a story
In no hurry
Reads like allegory
Grounded by the sights and sounds of all around
Bound to nothing
It is glory,
The beating heart of here.

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