Friday, May 24, 2013

The Spinning Span of Things Spun

A rainy day,
Mother darting down to feed
Her young chirp playful, eager
Hopeful life out in to the air
Wanting for their share
Guardian beaconing
Beady eyes unfazed disguising tenderness
Tactfully zipping
Tunnel vision
Eye on the prize
Nipping at soggy leaflets mashed up into ground
Of tree of life and sound
The metered squeaks of brood
The nature of this feud revealed,
Her cruelty, caution, motivational inspiration in this moment
Takes form in this smallest meal
To be had,
The object of desire,
Theirs and hers only because its for them she clenches tighter,
Wriggling reluctance
The prey, just that,
Lifelessly holding on
Without hands
Without hope
Soil wet and left behind
The find, its time unwinding fast now as if an underground tunnel overcome by unsuspecting torrent
whooshing in,
As the fodder, we are helpless
As the forager, we are fearless
As the forest, we are everything
Whispers the world, selflessly,
Though at times Her voice inaudible
Oft unheard through no fault of Her own
She speaks
Filling willful ears with wisdom,
Her winds speak of all these roles to be filled
Of all these lives to be lived to be killed
For this whole beautiful world to keep spinning,
Regardless of role no one's ever losing or winning,
She assures us that
We each, in our own way
Are everything,
Always have been,
We each, in our own way
Are nothing,
Always have been,
Just the same,
She gives us all Her love.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Soar high
In life
Fly high,
Don’t be shy
Don’t worry wondering why,
Don’t let fears be food for thought
Don’t let ego be your prey lest you’ll get caught,
Keep love in your heart
Keep to the ground in your head
Listen to what is said and you won’t have to watch what you say,
Show natural compassion and you’ll find that you’re okay,
Watch what you’re fed
Fight for what you love most as if it is all that exists,
Protect your bed
Don’t be afraid to fly through the mist,
Put good things into your mind, body and soul
Cover up the black hole,
Open your heart,
The only void
A side effect of lack of focusing on all the right stuff,
Learn to recognize when enough is enough
When your greatest strength becomes your biggest weakness come to a halt,
Urge yourself inward to get at the root of the fault
As it lies with you,
As you’ve been lied to,
Stop lying,
Stop lying down,
You’ll find yourself fighting less,
Still, it’s never the mess
You make it out to seem,
The thinking man’s mind and the loss of the line between nightmare and dream
Where the two merge
Self submerged
In thoughts taken too far, too down deep in the canyon where hawks far gone squawk out for help,
Yelps echoing to and fro
Back and forth
Picking up momentum
Growing in force
Mind’s eye full of surprises,
An enabler at times for the mind seeking guises,
Take a look around
See again
Be what is true,
Know that there is no real threat unless the threat is you,
Come out of that canyon,
You alone know how it was once that you flew,
Walk beside your brethren fearlessly rather than run,
Soar high up above there is strength in the sun,
Look with love in your heart truly start anew,
Live for each second as if there were only a few.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wholeness (Love)

Song beat up
Down drums plunge
Souls dancing to perception
Feelings surface rise up and out
Bodies shout unspoken riddles
Read between the lines
Blue coil fades like magic
Surprise abounding, surprise,
The crescendo builds
Floating orbs the ceiling lit
The heart beats louder, faster,
More emphatic is the sound
Loosely planted are the feet,
A firmament, the chorus, the chaos,
A kiss between two lovers
A smooth groovy move,
One less ceiling light,
One light bigger, brighter than before,
Maybe it’s just me,
Maybe it’s just me that feels this way when I’m with you,
The soul free to float off with the song
Floats to where it just belongs
My heart eager and fast thump thumps
Mind the pitfall halts before the plunge
Looking down now with the others,
Observing love,
Letting go.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Stepping Into Quiet

That first step out of the woods onto
Blacktop is where I find myself again walking free,
The environment real,
In a hazy dream surreal
The appeal
Its feel peeling away truth
Sparking up desire for more
For more of it
More of you,
Consuming my soul
Urging me on
Far gone
A retreat, a regret it is not
Rather something I accept, nonetheless
This feeling
My being
Of here
Though not really being
Wanting for there
(Perhaps I will come to regret)
For a share in that crisp, cool air
Inhale just another drink from that
White cup everlasting, beauti-
Ful trees blowing fierce,
Gales ripping through my song
Sung across time
That which experience has shaped and defines,
Wisdom to the wind
I search for more
Where earlier it had been,
Blown away by the sheer force of a single moment,
Digging deeper
A reaper of self
Threatening to banish,
Inside out skin slither spine shiver
Reflections I see in the faces of others seeing me
As someone other than myself,
Their faces say it all
Distance speaks to me,
As I have grown distant,
On call my needy brain waves reverberate back to nothingness, no substance there, nothing to these thoughts besides the push and pull of over thought,
Me wrought flimsy pipeline to nowhere, circular,
The people never come for me,
I call it love,
Malleable, experiences shapes,
Their humanity and my own free me up,
Olive branch of my self
We each built up out of experience,
Built up and beaten down by the self and those in our likeness,
The easy breeze,
Curtains closing on this ugly show,
Desire fades,
A whisper,
Nothing left
But this moment,
No regrets.

Please Read

Hello Everyone,

Today I am honored to share with you all the published (!!!) writings of the amazingly sweet, compassionate, funny and talented Olivia Zino. I am privileged to know her on a personal level, and can truly say her beauty shines inside and out, as do her words and thoughts when put down on paper. Please read and enjoy . Thanks!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

World Beam

One dying tree
Amongst thick lush green
Other trees not as sparse
All part in parcel of this farce
Carcinogens, an invisible cloud
Everywhere shrouds
To rest these truths
On in the ground
One dying tree
Amongst thick lush green
One white flower
On one empty barren branch
Budding, teeming with life
Beaming rays cut through the strife
Seen and unseen
One white flower inside of each and every one of us
In nature, plain for all to see
This one white flower
Her beauty indivisible
This world still liveable
Still loveable, you are to me. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Find your own lullaby,
Go on feel the gentle rock of resting heart,
There is no end in sight
Inside the tranquil mind on this great night,
Breath is yours
And you the air
So go ahead release your cares,
Caress the soul
With healthy flow of blood
Calm, warming thoughts
Deep, loving tender,
A beat you know inside and out-
Doors drums, will open to the sound as sweet as ever
Vibrant energy of the self
Out into the world,
Very fiber of each and every livelihood
Zestful spirit that soothes the throat
Coats internal course
And if we cannot speak
Ensures there is only love and not remorse
Even in silence it is a force
Never forcibly thrust
Though still one that not only survives but thrives,
Staving off disease,
Transitional ease appeasing the rustling leaves,
Seizing up land the self shan’t ever cease
To exist,
Cleaving through the underbrush and trees the key
To clearing space for a palace that pleases
The self,
The world happy to hear from other selves,
Happy to see books filled with notions of worldliness, great cuisine and culture put back on the shelves,
History, a creation,
The individual,
His or Her greatest creation,
Not only a creator
But a teacher
Nature a howling preacher
Featuring the furry fellow up a two story tall tree
An axman at the foot weary on his knees,
Each individually bringing unity
Plain to see
The self composed
Of virtuoso viscocity
Rich and thick
The world as if a cupping body to hold,
Shift, move with the ease of a gentle spring breeze,
The essence of each person, the true self,
A blessing
The bigger picture backdrop resting
Grand scheme undressing
Unabashed, unlashing false eyes
Seeing for the first time,
As if awoken from a dream
Somehow lesser than this, the real thing.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Looking around, everything has stopped,
Not frozen
As time still ticks,
Does not bombard as if an avalanche,
Rather drips clear from the end of an icicle
Having seen its last days,
No longer worrying
What if I should be seen in this way—
Strength in its weakening
Perception oft death in defiance
Of counterbalance,
An ill-picked fight,
Give in
Just a little
And so will I—
A summer snow cone
In the right hands,
A child’s sticky fingers
A smile,
The napkins coat and cover
Mom pulls from her pocket more
Squeezing water from a bottle
Vigorously brushing, scraping, patting down,
A smile,
Sometimes all it takes is a smile
To lay us down,
Make it stick,
Let us love again.