Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Lie two strangers
In a bed together
What led them to this chamber?
She who made the bed for he
Who bought her dinner
Deep down under
Left alone to wonder
When will the winter end?
When will a break of sunlight bend me back to new beginnings and will you join me?
When will you seem familiar?
When will you be my supportive pillar?
I know you ask of me the same,
Left alone to wonder
When will this winter end?
When will the harsh, cold wind blow favor on us both?
Stranger things have happened dear friend, old lover
Two lonesome broken faces, freshly fallen snow falls upon
Risen sun looks upon, the frozen heat between us earthly friction
I will wish upon our star, the one WE share
Still not understanding, but knowing you care, as I
To keep intact this special connection between us, silent is the music of our two souls together
Separate, from these noisy worlds of difference we both have fed
I will wish upon our star and let the trivial starve
I choose to live here with you
I choose to grow old with you
In this current state, we find ourselves
I trust that it is fate
I trust we are not too late.

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