Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Pass away moment
Returns in memory form-
Foam drips down,  bubbles from a carwash
I give to my loved one’s transportation-
Transcending time,
Holding so much more, life that I adore
In her belly before
This memory came knocking at the door
Outside of you in blacktop basketball shoes shooting jumpers-
You were the news, everyday they don’t report-
You were the news, the stability and support
Every family needs-
Actions unheeded, the quiet one
Going about his business
Fulfilling his duties of fatherhood and husband
Good deed after good deed
Godspeed, day and night
Emotions out of sight if not for the occasional outburst-
We were okay with it, in a way it reaffirmed that you cared
About how we fared
Out in the cold air,
Filling our hearts with love
Giving sis and I a good start, and we’ve never grown apart-
These are the memories stored away I won’t ever part with, of you and mom
Unconditionally giving,
We all go on living, extending this family
That grows with tender loving care,
Nurtured and nourished, as it always was
And will be.

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