Tuesday, April 9, 2013


From the lips of purity pursed
Words, the same as life,
Stinging, strong, uncertain, hopeful,
The body vessel
Trembles as if a trestle
Co-constructed  by ideas,
Wooden beams and nails,
Society, institutional lessers
Limiting scope of growth
Strength to weight
Of return to birth
Naked Earth
Where nothingness rests, empty,
Devoid of projections—
Piecemeal sanctimonious, this weathered keeper false,
Kept out of rain and sleet the mind trying to secure
The chance of un-embrace
Laced up, his belief,
Inside entanglement
The spider waits to pounce
The heart beating to trounce
His tongue tasting the season’s last fall of winter
Knowing it is now or never
Letting go
Touching snow
Free to flow
The weight of the world on a man’s shoulders,
The ego slinking away
Lifting up his heart
The break of a ray through northern cloud
His judgment clear
Her beauty dear to him
This life near to him
Heaviness disperses
Expectation and response
No longer holds him down like curses
The mind makes room for acceptance
Whatever that should mean,
Love, life, in every scene
Are the vows he takes
The meaningfulness of words to him as vast as the Great Lakes
As small as food for backyard garden snakes,
It amounting to a whole lot of nothing
Allowing room for everything
The very fiber of true being,
Her words, life,
My love.

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