Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Resting Change

Like a mad scientist trying to manufacture
He rises,
Will resurrecting
Need dissecting the cycle of life cutting into this down time
The surge still present,
The urge to do
A question of
Self dog dare
Double down
Truth in new
For the locomotive turn
The burn
Barn on fire
His problem with tiresome ire provocational, mire
His whole life this desire to do
Purporting it as part of anew,
The mind in line with a doctored lie
And like flu season though a dozen times more appearing each year
This need to do gives into his fear
By shear virtue of strength in conditioned brain
He cannot abstain from rising,
A setback surely awaits
Repetition in kind cannot be fate,
Not this folly,
Upholding its active civic duty
And then folding up again only to later unfold is not beauty
Rather bad habit,
Is not happenstance,
Something part of though more than his circumstance,
The body under spell
Of mind in a trance
The need for a rest
The dance of waves,
His age saves him,
Mature, concerted flow
Slipping into a thoughtless haze,
A daze he allows of himself,
A new phase,
The moon shining bright
A lunar eclipse
Dark patterns,
The ego fade into night.

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