Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Open Ocean

Sadness comes in
A monsoon
Tidal wave,
A boat
The waterfall ahead,
Accepting rapids
Neck of impasse
Jagged rocks
Unsure footing
The residue of resurrecting waves
Saves the face from turning,
Unbuttoning his life preserve
Throwing in the blowup boat
An open throat
This feeling cannot cut,
A smile forms
This refusal to shut off
The emotion
Of out alone on the unsure ocean
Aids in its formation, an easy coast in mind
The turn of tide
To nothing
Drawn to everything in
Her nature,
Open to this feeling
Flooding in,
The boat lands down below
He knows not what it means
But lets it go
The paddles of his boat still row,
Mindful oars
Bring him to shore.

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