Thursday, April 18, 2013

My True Love

You’re a vision running through
The clear blue yonder, flying over mountains high
Swimming searching swimming in search of, yearning
For the touch of tiny earthen hands, fearful of the sway
The way it settles, is here to stay, the water makes you wonder,
Wander away,
The swaying stays
You swallow days
And stay away,
The ceiling says it’s here to stay,
The bay becomes
The howling bay of wolf
In wear-full way,
The way you arch unnerves the bay,
Along the bending birches, wind,
A walkway forms, you walk your walk,
You dive right in
And dream it
Do it
Live it
Are it
For me, my freeing flow,
In that I know
Love shows me life
Life shows me love
Dormant slumber on basin floor
Feelings store
And sore to great heights above
On white winged tips of paired up doves,
You and I
One coursing force,
Me and you,
Still we are two.

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