Thursday, May 9, 2013


Find your own lullaby,
Go on feel the gentle rock of resting heart,
There is no end in sight
Inside the tranquil mind on this great night,
Breath is yours
And you the air
So go ahead release your cares,
Caress the soul
With healthy flow of blood
Calm, warming thoughts
Deep, loving tender,
A beat you know inside and out-
Doors drums, will open to the sound as sweet as ever
Vibrant energy of the self
Out into the world,
Very fiber of each and every livelihood
Zestful spirit that soothes the throat
Coats internal course
And if we cannot speak
Ensures there is only love and not remorse
Even in silence it is a force
Never forcibly thrust
Though still one that not only survives but thrives,
Staving off disease,
Transitional ease appeasing the rustling leaves,
Seizing up land the self shan’t ever cease
To exist,
Cleaving through the underbrush and trees the key
To clearing space for a palace that pleases
The self,
The world happy to hear from other selves,
Happy to see books filled with notions of worldliness, great cuisine and culture put back on the shelves,
History, a creation,
The individual,
His or Her greatest creation,
Not only a creator
But a teacher
Nature a howling preacher
Featuring the furry fellow up a two story tall tree
An axman at the foot weary on his knees,
Each individually bringing unity
Plain to see
The self composed
Of virtuoso viscocity
Rich and thick
The world as if a cupping body to hold,
Shift, move with the ease of a gentle spring breeze,
The essence of each person, the true self,
A blessing
The bigger picture backdrop resting
Grand scheme undressing
Unabashed, unlashing false eyes
Seeing for the first time,
As if awoken from a dream
Somehow lesser than this, the real thing.

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