Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Soar high
In life
Fly high,
Don’t be shy
Don’t worry wondering why,
Don’t let fears be food for thought
Don’t let ego be your prey lest you’ll get caught,
Keep love in your heart
Keep to the ground in your head
Listen to what is said and you won’t have to watch what you say,
Show natural compassion and you’ll find that you’re okay,
Watch what you’re fed
Fight for what you love most as if it is all that exists,
Protect your bed
Don’t be afraid to fly through the mist,
Put good things into your mind, body and soul
Cover up the black hole,
Open your heart,
The only void
A side effect of lack of focusing on all the right stuff,
Learn to recognize when enough is enough
When your greatest strength becomes your biggest weakness come to a halt,
Urge yourself inward to get at the root of the fault
As it lies with you,
As you’ve been lied to,
Stop lying,
Stop lying down,
You’ll find yourself fighting less,
Still, it’s never the mess
You make it out to seem,
The thinking man’s mind and the loss of the line between nightmare and dream
Where the two merge
Self submerged
In thoughts taken too far, too down deep in the canyon where hawks far gone squawk out for help,
Yelps echoing to and fro
Back and forth
Picking up momentum
Growing in force
Mind’s eye full of surprises,
An enabler at times for the mind seeking guises,
Take a look around
See again
Be what is true,
Know that there is no real threat unless the threat is you,
Come out of that canyon,
You alone know how it was once that you flew,
Walk beside your brethren fearlessly rather than run,
Soar high up above there is strength in the sun,
Look with love in your heart truly start anew,
Live for each second as if there were only a few.  

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