Monday, May 20, 2013

Wholeness (Love)

Song beat up
Down drums plunge
Souls dancing to perception
Feelings surface rise up and out
Bodies shout unspoken riddles
Read between the lines
Blue coil fades like magic
Surprise abounding, surprise,
The crescendo builds
Floating orbs the ceiling lit
The heart beats louder, faster,
More emphatic is the sound
Loosely planted are the feet,
A firmament, the chorus, the chaos,
A kiss between two lovers
A smooth groovy move,
One less ceiling light,
One light bigger, brighter than before,
Maybe it’s just me,
Maybe it’s just me that feels this way when I’m with you,
The soul free to float off with the song
Floats to where it just belongs
My heart eager and fast thump thumps
Mind the pitfall halts before the plunge
Looking down now with the others,
Observing love,
Letting go.

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