Thursday, June 6, 2013

Piercing Eyes Unveiling Disguise

Will you pick at me sweet bird,
Just a nibble—
I will not squall,
I will not quibble,
I lay here resting
Where once I wriggled,
For I realize now you never pried,
It was no sin to ask, but why?
You never prod
And I tried to play God
But that never works and is sin,
Fighting truth from within,
I did not search
Rather looked to you to define my worth—
Blinded, I saw a ferocious bird searching for prey,
Clear as day it was never that way—
So here I lay,
A worm that does not wriggle is no worm,
Part of the Earth he rests firm
A man unafraid of sun and burn,
A sentient being grounded,
Freeing nutrients fuel his strength
Vanquishing fear,
And if you should pick I will not fight my dear,
If you should take flight
It is plight if it is without me my dear,
For whereas once I was blind
I did find ability
To see,
To be,
To sit still,
As part of the Earth we both do and both will—
You were always one to so clearly see,
I can only hope you no longer fear me.

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