Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Best For You

The fire from within grew and it grew,
Who knew the whole village would burn to the ground,
Rain pounding down
All that is left the ashen earth,
No more desire to please
Nothing left but blackened burnt blood orange leaves,
The ruffle in her dress covered in mud and dirty sticks
She had bought to wear out,
We never got that far,
Patience a getaway car fleeing the scene to the coast,
Off to the sea, that is where I’ll be,
Alone, with my regret, my thoughts are with you,
An elixir like fine wine and cuisine not the best though the most,
I didn’t mean to be so insensitive,
She, through the rigors that day,
I should have stayed and waited, heard you out,
Listened with compassion to find out what it was about,
Shouts echoed to and fro in that foreign place
You reap what you sow,
Isolation an invasion of negative emotion
Rocking my boat over unsteady ocean
Love potion I drink of
The release that brings peace—
Waves calm, I humbly praise with a bow,
I know longer worry about what you will allow,
That wasn’t me back there, you see,
I just want you to be happy and free,
I move away from the shoreline of her grasp,
My words, my truth, trickling down like a stream in drought season
But they are there, and they are true, and they still flow,
As words honest always do.

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