Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All Things Grow When Given Water and Light

All I see are weeds now
You tell me, is that where all the flowers still grow?
We each, with our watering can,
I was your biggest fan,
There was a plan in place
I looked you in the eyes
I loved your face
Your fire
The way you spoke
The thoughts you shared
The way you cared
The way you loved
You were my beloved,
And I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out where we went wrong,
When we were together your song was my song,
You should have seen my light from within beam when you smiled,
It’s been a while since I have seen that same smile,
I thought of the rest of my life and how we would walk down that aisle,
That little stretch of dirt road, will it still lead the way to our chapel, or have we fallen too far off?
We each, with our watering can—
I’m numb to the thought of it now,
Weeds so overgrown,
Words so overblown,
The wind kicking up dust in our faces as we look away and are left to wonder,
Is there anything left,
What direction to take?
Will you take my hand?
Can I comfort you again?
Can I call you sweetie?
Will you say to me “babe, I really love those flowers,
Look there is a chapel up ahead,”
Will light shine down on our path?
Does happiness await at the end of the aftermath?
It will never add up, it’s all so nonsensical,
I thought we were rational,
I thought we made all the sense in the world together,
We each, with our watering can,
Allowing for growth,
Accepting of one another,
In love with one another,
We once were all the flowers that bloom,
Now, not even a pot of neglected orchids resting at the foot of a windowsill curtains closed,
Hearts overdrawn,
Weeds overgrown,
You tell me, can we learn to love again?

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