Friday, June 14, 2013

Veritas Grounded

Bird, birthed from the same Earth as you
I still lie,
Alert to the worth
Able to assert
Without curtailing the mirth in my blood,
The full scope of love enlivening my spirit,
Something new
And unfounded, until today,
The wash away sway of the bay
Letting embellishments and logic set sail
Over yonder by the sea beside the pail is where I still lie,
Fearing little
Filling up
Ground from the Earth
Bound to you, sweet, beautiful Earth bird
In flight
My heart soaring to new heights,
Perched over yonder in the over brush
Peering through the shadows
Piercing eyes in line with new light shining through
To where I still lie you gaze,
Fazed by my imperfections and the imperfections of the past
Wanting to fast
And yet here I still lie,
As you are my fuel, I am yours,
As there is wind, there are wars,
Both at our back now, behind us,
A gentle breeze for you to take flight in is coming
And I will see you through this to there,
Peace and love in the air,
As it should be between us
As there is nothing that can come between us ever again
That fights back the strength in our love
My fierce hawk,
Heart soft, like a dove.

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