Friday, August 23, 2013

Complexly Simple

You respond
I respond
In kind we are
To react
To counteract
Emotional misunderstandings
Crash course landings
Lacking in comprehension
Like a pilot without his guide
Allied with
 Blameless and bedeviled
Shivering out sadness
Sweating out anger
Dragging out the dreary, somber thoughts
Built up out of nothing
For longer than it needs to be
Just now beginning to see
We are different,
Each of us, unique
There is never bleakness
Only blurred lines that led us in fear to feel the steepness
Of that plateau we each climbed all by ourselves to get to this very point in time,
You up one side,
Me from the other,
And here we are together, overlooking
Ocean down below
As equals, hand in hand
As partners, in flight
The coastline in our sights
A place where dreams really do come true,
Who knew all we really had to do was put this all behind us,
Easier said than done, but we're doing it
That intention is not understanding
The latter comes in time if we are not too demanding
Landing peacefully,
Settling back into ourselves,
Fully into us,
The best time of our lives.

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