Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thought for the Day

As responsible, moral adults, we often have difficulty doing things for ourselves, as the responsibilities continue to pile up. We feel the need to surmount via the uphill ascension; hour of the day and items crossed off the list forming a positive correlative inside of our minds, an internally constructed gauge formulated for the explicit purpose of tracking and entwining self-perceived successes and feelings of adequacy, or self-perceived failures and feelings of inadequacy in the short-term. In my experiences, this makes it harder to accurately visualize the bigger picture, which of course is all encompassing, never dismissive, though never based solely on one perception, idea or thought surrounding any one thing we did, do or did not or do not do. There is life in this moment beyond our comprehension. What we are doing does matter. It can be more or less important than we make it out to be. Yes, it is meant to feel spacey at times. When I fail to embody this train of thought in my meditation sessions, if I am feeling tired or restless in any way, my mind wanders and searches for justifications for or makes excuses against my practice, in the moment. Well, I haven’t been as compassionate to my loved ones in recent days as I would like and this will restore the light in me, my loved ones will benefit from my experience. Or, I need to make dinner for my loved ones, it’s getting late. These are the types of thoughts that pass through the unsettled, imbalanced mind askew. And it is to be expected, and very okay. As I step out of myself and look at things from the outside in, I see the cycle of life as mirroring meditation practice. Both require consideration and thought. Neither asks for justification, if the former holds true. Putting things in perspective is in and of itself renewal, and enables us to start anew, with each and every new breath we experience. Meditation is a worthy practice as it opens us up to the endless offerings of life. So too, does life, if we take our practice and infuse it into our every existence.

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