Friday, August 2, 2013

Your Light

Did you see the flowers bloom?
Did you see them,
Did you
Did you?
TIme flew by in those earlier years,
Little birdies zooming passed, unnoticing
Coming and going as they pleased,
New ones appearing easing the sun
Set in her way,
Always shining light down on little, green ones budding with life,
A mainstay in this way,
Watching too,
As others that knew them began to take notice
Little by
More and more as they grew
Up, stepping stones stemming from a well kempt garden
Shimmer (put down and secured the very first day
Seeds became life),
Lead the way to
Swirling colors
Of unequivocal, vibrant depth,
The quintessential optical cocktail,
Close a book of Fairy Tales, our truths
Start their own,
The sun shines
Just a little bit brighter today.

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