Monday, August 19, 2013

Thought for the Day

Today, in the morning when you rise, say to yourself, “I will meet each and every thing I do today with enthusiasm, being in the moment.” If thoughts come to mind regarding how your day or week should unfold, if unpleasantness or worry surfaces, let it. Make the connection between emotion and thoughts or ideas surrounding a premeditated event or action of doing. It will come naturally if you do not put up a fight. Then, breathe, feeling the full uplift of your abdomen, ribcage and chest. The soul and the spirit will rise too, when you meet each inhale with full openness. As breath is life, take this truism with you forward into the day, exhaling and elevating, maintaining and stabilizing improved mood with focused, open breathing. Embrace the now. Acknowledge the idea of every premeditated event or action of doing you have set in stone in the same light as they come to mind, as futuristic happenings of rational, thoughtful intent. If you find there to be absent-mindedness behind any premeditated event or action of doing, reconsider, make alterations if need be before proceeding. This is your life, after all, you do have a choice. Before you embark on these many journeys of doing throughout the course of your day, acknowledge, consider and accept. There might be things on your plate you do not look forward to. This is true of every day. If they are things you must do, do them. Take solace in knowing you have done well to stick to the schedule. Do not let the negative thoughts or ideas surrounding any one premeditated event or action of doing stand in your way, repeating the mantra if need be, “I will meet each and every thing I do today with enthusiasm, being in the moment.” As you experience the day, perhaps you will find newness to your routine. Perhaps you will learn something new about yourself, or learn how to become more efficient. Perhaps these things will bring you great joy or offer new, invaluable insights. Staying in the moment can only benefit you. Try it, even if it is just for one day.

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