Friday, March 29, 2013

A Life For A Life

The plan was different,
She, spent,
Rifting minutes
Tending to his bent projection
Malleable tear from within
Without care
For life’s beauty,
Who could predict?
Why should I try?
The point
Absent of adversarial foe
A beautiful moment unexpectedly
(Aren’t they all?)
Upon me,
The infinitesimal breadth of true experience.
I humbly promise to serve thee,
As you serve me so well,
Trusting in you, tense of the beloved,
Tense of my beloved,
As I have felt your heart beat,
As I have felt hers,
And know without question for it to be true—
What a present together are the two!
Today, I water my seeds
Uproot this backwards thinking disease
Of that stuck in some place where now used to be mentality
Steering clear of hypothetical fast forwards
Watching parenthetical asides inside my mind float by
Giving in to this moment,
Knowing that because I do
My flowers bloom
In daylight
The same as they do in this dark room,
Predictable, darkness of night and lighter day,
The twilight of enlightenment, knowing it as no other way.

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