Saturday, March 23, 2013

New York Nine to Five

A heart on the rise,
The heart of an average everyday Joe
With the flow of traffic,
Condensed merging myth of the road
Laughter, a cackle from above, devilish
At the sight of sore
Loathing eyes, redden with rage,
This heart like cream in
My coffee, the dream, sinking,
Smoke rising to meet the crease of
Hand rolled window down and the open uppity air—
Americana, how could you dare
Take a turn for the worst?
A swerve without signal,
The curse of misguided self in me, embedded in
Societal swell,
The hell in directionless selfishness
Of commuters commuting, to feel
This heart on the rise,
Dying down in a moment,
The flashes of faces, truths
About me,
About you,
About us,
The average everyday
Imperfect commuter’s trek,
Navigating through life
The mind and the self,
The societal swell,
Seeing the heaven
Extrapolate from hell
This heart returns,
To match mind,
Becomes one again with able body
And good soul,
Burns warm again to light up this coal.

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