Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Strong and old is the crest,
Lushly splayed out,
The outlay of its efforts vast,
Lavish, full of life
Inviting a rug rat to climb,
Musicality to the ears of chirpy chatty visitors
That frequent, nature kept abreast of any changes
New developments
New players
Or new layers,
Listening with an ear to the ground
In the absence of an axe to grind
The world, watches as life unwinds,
A walker in a park along any path with trees
Knows what this is about, family—
From the bottom up,
The lightest sprinkle of earthen ash,
A mother, a father, gone in a flash
Touches the soul forever
As dirt under dirt,
Inner beings pull down like a lever
Lifting our hearts, growing this tree of ancestry
Alive in us always, forever
A part of this world,
As are we,
For our neighbors, our friends,
Our descendants to see.

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