Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Present

Settle into stretch,
Settle into breath,
I’m never settling for second best,
Simply settling in each step,
Standing for each second
Tick tock on an underwater clock
In the ocean, barefoot,
Jeans rolled,
Taking each stride
The push or pull of tide
As part of the present ride,
Kids on boogey boards
The waves crash along the shore,
Water in their ears, sand in their hair,
I remember, once I was there—
Little girls scream for their mommies
Playfully, boys throw tennis balls and Frisbees,
Peace is with me—
I stop, waist deep or so,
Knowing I have settled into myself,
In this moment, a feeling of calm,
Ocean turns to bay and the smoothness of
Resting pebbles between my toes
(I don’t even have to dig)
 Is the best feeling I could ever hope to know—
Memories have stayed with me, come to mind now,
This moment never lost
The present at all cost.

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