Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Connection and Fight

You whispered life to me,
Life are we,
Shoulders round with comfort,
Hand in hand,
Lip-locked lovers
Eye to eye
We look out for teardrops,
If only to wipe away,
Warming up with surprise, to one another
In day and night,
A natural flow of
Sun up, sun down,
And like a jigsaw archipelago for children
Fragmented and scattered,
The waves of soul carry us
Back to a place of connection and connecting along every side of ground thought gone
So that it is clear to the both of us we will not come undone,
You and I, we are the mainland
Born out of the same sky that holds the moon and holds the sun,
Both fearing sea surrounding we, and that is one
We will fight side by side,
No different from anything else,
In that we will forever together weather and wear,
Warm up and care,
Love and look out for one another.

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