Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Take on Modern Consumption

Collide off the mountain
Collide off the mountain
Fountain of truth
In the wind praying
The fall slaying
Uncouth demons lurking in the dark
Blotting out the spark of youth,
Innocence is bliss,
This is what we live,
Ruthful world
Ruled by the night unbeknownst to natural light
Day curled up
Inside the bellies of men taking, taken
Brethren of the same origin
Guilty of different sins we make our own
He who hath reaped
Has shone blood red brightness,
The eyes kindle,
Nature changes,
Grace dwindles
In the face of likeness newfound lightness
Free to feel nothing,
Zombies to the well,
A newly inborn pull born out of wrongful repetition spread out over time,
Natural instinct overcome by greed,
Processing speed of righteousness stricken
Little more left than an empty bucket
Loosely tied to the slack, knotted threadbare line of lineage faintly traceable,
Similitude in kind deflecting
Fracturing raw emotion
Reflecting back a frozen over ocean of truth, cracking
Our lives, what we have become
Fueled by the hunger
Fueled by the hunger.

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