Thursday, July 18, 2013


I need to write,
It’s how I fight
Through dark to see the bright,
And let my light shine finest,
But there’s more to it than that,
And more to me than you,
So when you came into my life
I knew for certain this openness
Was my blissfulness,
And in spite of fear, anxiety
Over losing you my dear,
I never second guessed myself along the way,
And so let me say to you, respond to your question,
By clearing the air, and saying to you I’ll never go there ever again,
Won’t scare you, now or forever ever again,
So when I took myself off that media,
I closed the book for you to my encyclopedia,
Because I knew that you’d browse and allow for
Yourself to wonder aloud inside your mind
What kind of guy, is this man that I love,
How could he put me through this
If I really am his angel from above,
And the truth is I can’t.
I need to write, for me,
But as you know, there’s more to me than myself,
And that’s you—
As for either part,
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do

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