Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Strength from Within and the Power of Love

If it is a war you want

You cannot win,

If it is a wick you have lit

You will flicker at fault and fade out like a sin—

In her there is fire that still burns

Though you may secretively yearn for it not to,

You could not put it out,

You could not put her down,

For hers is a strong fire,

Endothermic, ice melting, plants in bloom, breath in the air and in her lungs she gasps now for only the right reasons,

Seeing the seasons through with vibrant gloss renewed and earthly vigor in her every step

The tundra comes unfrozen,

There is room again for life to grow,

For love to flow freely,

You will see how easily two outstretched trees

Can bring the wilderness to its knees

Can tame the beast

Can feast in famine in the absence of sin

Can extinguish exothermically summoning up from within

Reserves of strength,

Borrowing if need be from the other tree

That each fell so easily in heart and mind and soul for the other,

As two leaves of the same twig still intact fall swiftly at the urging of heavenly hail,

Then melt in to the Earth,

Their imprints

Their love

Their beginning,

 Eternally bound,

Emblazoned forever in the ground.


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