Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gods of Men and Women

When I’m out of hope
And the keys to my heart in hand
Loosen from their grip
Slipping through quivering fingers,
As I stare You down, feel the full surge of Your blood coursing through my veins, see You all around me,
Hundreds of billions of years that is life,
I know that I am no match,
For if a red storm should cometh it will come
And if You only think it I would come undone
Though through no fault of my own, rest assured
I will not fight You
No I will not fight You but I will see this through,
Few can say that they have fought You and that they have won,
Those that do are either liars or Gods,
I am neither
Even the stars expire,
A mortal man, deep in the cavernous ravine that is life
With a mortal woman by my side, surely a gift from up above, my future wife
I have given over my keys to her because I want for her to have them,
She has given me hers too, they are beautiful
We hold onto one another as if it is all that we have,
Human life preserves in a sea of red, our best bet
Wait, dream, cherish, love
Work for what we want
Be humble and never flaunt if we should ever succeed,
Do good deeds for one another in this red sea journey ride
Give it our best shot
Take with gratitude this gift we were given
Go on living
As it is what You intend, for now,
To be.

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