Thursday, July 18, 2013

Heart's Desire

We answer to right and wrong,
Don’t you long for that familiar, phosphorescent, full moon light?
Does fearful, frightful dazzle still behold and frazzle you
Before the boldness of our bright?
Truth, ruthless is this disease,
Love panacea surmounts, revels in the fight,
Fearless, feathered glittered splendor,
Bending brightness to bat down bitterness of
Falsehood beaten, to the brink of no return,
Bank steep, black hole of dead sea leagues deep,
Tumble over edge of fear of banishment fear,
Release from your cackles she, woman, of blackened callous heart,
Burn through shackles, shored, bright, artful true, so that we may start anew.  

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